Shop Boat Extreme Makeover

In June, Wraps 'n' Signs acquired a Maxum 19 foot inboard/outboard boat-- it sure wasn't much to look at when it first entered the shop!  However, it provided a superb opportunity to demonstrate the transformative power of a full vinyl wrap.  Our in-house designer, J.P., truly put his talents to work, creating a beautiful, sharp design brimming with style and creativity.  Fully wrapping a boat is challenging due to the drastic curvature of the hull, but as you can see in the photos, this "before-and-after" featured wrap shines brighter because of its less-than-sparkling beginnings.


Maxum Boat Before 001  Maxum Boat Before 002  Maxum Boat Before 003


Maxum Boat After 001  Maxum Boat After 002  Maxum Boat After 003

  Maxum Boat After 004

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