Why We Laminate Everything

Here is an instructive case study in laminated vs. unlaminated vinyl vehicle wraps.  This SIR Home Improvement Chevy HHR was wrapped 2 years ago by another shop, using printed cast vinyl without any overlaminate.  It's obvious even at first glance that the wrap has failed, and must be replaced.  Notice, however, that the rear driver's side quarter panel still looks fine-- that is because a year ago, this vehicle was involved in a fender-bender, and SIR Home Improvement came to Kalamazoo's Wraps 'N' Signs at 505 E. Kalamazoo Ave. for a repair.  We replaced the quarterpanel with our vinyl and laminate, and even color-matched the fading green to the original wrap. 

When shopping for your wrap, it's important to do a little homework, and to realize that there is always a reason why another shop might do it cheaper.  At Wraps 'N' Signs, our wraps are always laminated, and come with a 3 year manufacturer warranty.  With the quality materials we use, we are never surprised to see our wraps still driving around-- and working-- for considerably longer than that.

Now, we are happy to show our rewrap of the entire vehicle, (even though our quarterpanel would have lasted for many more years) and to provide SIR Home Improvement with a durable, laminated vinyl wrap that will keep its color and integrity far beyond what we've replaced.  Of course, that's assuming no more encounters with reckless drivers!

SIR Home Improvement HHR Before 001 SIR Home Improvement HHR Before 002

SIR Home Improvement HHR Before 003


And the rewrap:

SIR Home Improvement HHR After 001

SIR Home Improvement HHR After 002 SIR Home Improvement HHR After 003


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