Proper printing is a must for backlit signage!

The way your sign provider prints your backlit sign is very important! Yes, it can make or break your business, it can change how you look proffesionally to potential clients. Can you imagine how bad it would be to have a sign that if printed improperly doesn't light up enough to be seen at night. Think of all the potential customers you could be losing, especially if they can't find you!.

Wraps n Signs has the know how and experience with full color digital printing transluscent vinyl so that you can be standing tall and looking very proffesional. Do you know how important it is to have your sign panel laminated? If not laminated it WILL fail prematurely.It is extremely important that you use not only the proper vinyl and laminate but especially the proper ink. The printer used to print backlit signs needs to print semi transparent ink on the face of the vinyl in order for the proper amount of light to pass through. Wraps n Signs uses only the finest materials and top notch designs. We know that's what sets us apart form the rest, flat out awesome designs.

Check out Wraps n Signs today for all of your Signage needs!

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