Youve Got a Vehicle Wrap, Now What?

Congratulations! You are now the proud owner of a vehicle wrap-- one of the most impressive ways of advertising your business.

Now what?

Your wrap is a tool, and it needs to be wielded as such in order for it to perform for you most effectively. Here are some helpful practices you can adopt to make the biggest impact on your customers-- and your competitors.

* We live in a visual world! The most important thing is to drive your vehicle wrap around so people can see it. Use every opportunity to put your vehicle on the road. Not driving it for the day? Park it in a high-traffic lot-- large shopping centers are perfect. Prioritize corner spaces so that your wrap can work its magic from multiple angles. When looking for the perfect place to park, always look for spaces that will attract the most attention. Often parking near the entrance of a parking lot or next to a main road for passersby to see it are most effective.

*Take your vehicle to ball games, special events, and trade shows, and when you do, arrive early! Park it right up fron so that everyone exiting the event will see your advertising.

*Adopt a strategy to generate new leads-- head into competitors' areas, explore parts of the city you haven't seen, drive down that street you've always driven past-- make your presence felt. Park in a visible location somewhere new while you make a phone call or do paperwork-- let those slick graphics and vital contact info on your new wrap draw in new business.

*Yes, your wrap is a mobile billboard, but more importantly, it is a conversation piece. Business is all about personal relationships, as we all know. Wraps get people excited-- "How did they do that?!" or "where did you get that done"? You may even hear, "that's a nice paint job". It's actually fun to explain to them that it's not paint, it's a vinyl wrap that covers the entire vehicle. Tell them about your experience-- people remember conversations, reactions, and personal interaction far easier than raw information.

*Take care of your wrap-- it's easy! The vinyl will protect your vehicle's paint from scratches and chips, and keeping it in good condition is easy. We recommend hand-washing only, and to take a bit of extra care with window view-through material, do not use wipers over them as it will cause the ink to wear away prematurely unless they are laminated. We surely understand that it's not always possible to hand wash only, so car washes are pefectly fine as long as you do not use" touchless" washes. Touchless washes blast a very high pressure of water onto your vehicle without any brushes touching the vehicle. Besides, wouldn't it be a better way of generating more business by washing your vehicle outside on a nice sunny day?

Now get out there and start advertising!!!!!!!
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