State of the Art Equipment Ensures You the Best Job Possible!

    Wraps -n- Signs is dedicated to giving you the best product available. Recently, Wraps -n- Signs upgraded all of their equipment with the latest state of the art equipment.

    Every project we do starts with great eye popping design, so we upgraded from the beginning with a computer we like to call "God's Computer". In order to acheive this monumental task Grey Grooters from Your I.T. ( ) was brought in to design this mega computer. It is absolutely the fastest computer on the market today and has a 32" high defenition screen so that every little detail can be included in every job!

    Next task was to improve the most important piece in the shop, the printer. The new printer is a Roland 64" RE-640 with a takeup reel. Wraps -n- Signs was the first shop in the Southwest Michigan area to get this new printer. The new printer has the latest technology in printer heads with the new DX5 head, which has intelligent pass control. Intelligent pass control has variable dot sizes which completely eliminate past problems such as banding. Each print comes out perfect. When you demand the best you know you are getting it with this printer, the flawless prints come out so vibrant you'd swear it was the real thing and not a photo. The new takeup reel alows Wraps -n- Signs to print an entire vehicle wrap unnatended.

    Last but not least, the plotter. The plotter is a vinyl cutter that works directly in conjunction with the new printer to contour cut the vinyl once it's printed. It is capable of cutting vinyl up to 64" in width, with the only limits on the length of the roll loaded in the machine. Once again Wraps -n- Signs was the first in Southwest Michigan to get this latest technology. This new plotter comes with a built in electronic eye that detects crop marks for precision cutting automatically. Contour cut decals can be done quickly and easily. Now you know that there is no task that Wraps -n- Signs cannot handle. Previous plotters left having to place seams every 24" but with this newest machine they can do it with 64" seams, the largest in the industry!

New Shop Equipment

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