Business Signs That Get Attention!

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Creating a business sign that stands out requires an understanding of what grabs attention and ultimately encourages customers to buy a product or service. There are many ways to design an attention-getting business sign, but follow these basic rules when it comes to style, content and messaging. Wraps -n- Signs has the know how to do just that, get you noticed. If you haven't done so already please take a minute to browse the gallery to see some examples of great "attention getting" signage.



  1. Keep It Simple

    • An attention-getting business sign needn't include tons of information. It's usually best to include only the most important, relevant information or key words for the product or service. Include the business' basic information and a couple of selling points that differentiate the company from its competitors. Always include a phone number and email address either on the sign or somewhere for potential cliet's to get all your contact infromation, like the front entrance to the building.

    Make It Stand Out

    • While it's best to keep a business sign simple, make it pop with some unique features. Capitalize the letters of important words or make certain phrases bold. Give the sign a bright color or design it so it contrasts with the surrounding environment. A good business sign has at least one or two visual aspects that invite attention and require people to look more closely. Pictures or images can accomplish this the best.

    Keep It Proportioned

    • Design the sign so that visual aspect and text are well proportioned. Don't use several type sizes or place small pictures beside much larger ones. In general, the sign's information should be balanced for aesthetic appeal and readability. Stay consistent with colors and fonts. Don't place a small business sign in a large, empty area; if you have a small sign, position it in a smaller place where it will appear bigger.

    Call to Action

    • An effective business sign usually invites new business by offering a call to action. For example, a sign for a nail salon might say, "Call today and get 20% off your next pedicure!" By giving readers an incentive to contact the business, the sign promotes the company while helping attract new business leads. Offer an incentive, discount or free consultation on the sign to attract more customers.


Most small businesses are very unique in that they offer something no one else does, is it your service, know how to get the job done, salesmanship, or whatever makes you unique should be brought to everyones attention with the use of a unique custom business sign.

The main function of a business sign is to advertise to the public where you are located. It should be the landmark that people use to give directions, it needs to stand out that much!

Does your current sign fully describe your services that you offer? It needs to. With the use of photographic backgrounds or pictures, you can convey it without having to take the time to read it. Yes, as they say, a picture is worth a thosand words.

At Wraps -n- Signs we take several things into consideration when putting a truly unique design that will get more people's attention, thus increasing your business and making you look like the proffesional you've become. Give us a call today to see how we can really get you noticed and get the attention of those A list clients you are looking for! West MIchigan's only 3M Preferred Graphics Installers can show you the way!

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