What do I need do to prepare my vehicle?

No wax! We highly recommend that vehicles are washed in a car wash a few hours before they're brought into our facility for graphics installation. The vehicle should be washed preferably at a place that can use brushes or pressure-washing to remove road grime from the low-lying parts under the wheel well, inside the door panels etc. where dirt usually accumulates. Wax, polish, grease, or grime interferes with the graphics adhesive and therefore must be cleaned-if necessary-using industrial cleaners and/or non-silicone based detergents (any cleaning chemical must be tested on the vehicle in an inconspicuous area to make sure it will not mar the paint surface).

Once the vehicle is brought into our facility we clean it with isopropyl alcohol and other chemicals to remove any remaining oily residue, dirt, and contaminants. Special attention is placed on the vehicle's cracks and crevices, where contaminants generally accumulate. We then perform a vehicle inspection and take note of places that have any kind of surface damage like paint scratches, dents etc. This inspection helps as a guideline to ensure that our clients know about any surface problems on the vehicle.